Easy & Tasty Bourbon Hot Toddy Drink Recipe For Cold and Cough

Cozy up with my go-to bourbon hot toddy drink recipe, a soothing remedy for those chilly nights or when you're under the weather. Cheers to warmth!

Easy & Tasty Bourbon Hot Toddy Drink Recipe For Cold and Cough
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When the weather gets cold, and you need a warm, comforting drink, a bourbon hot toddy is just what you need.

It is easy to make and has the perfect balance of warm spices and sweetness to satisfy your cravings and help you fight off cough and cold symptoms.

Here's my go-to bourbon hot toddy drink recipe - a perfect winter drink for sipping on cold nights.

Key Takeaways

  • Bourbon hot toddy drink is perfect for cold and cough symptoms.
  • A classic winter drink recipe, a whiskey-based hot toddy is packed with heartwarming flavours like lemon and honey, making it an excellent addition to anyone's holiday recipe roster.
  • Use high-quality bourbon, fresh lemon juice, and honey along with hot water to create a comforting and soothing beverage to battle poor health and winter chill-off.
  • You can add a splash of orange juice or a dash of bitters or spices like cinnamon or cloves to enhance the flavour, if desired.
  • Other warm alcoholic beverages to try during winter include spiked hot chocolate, mulled wine, and hot buttered rum, just to mention a few.

What is a Hot Toddy and How Does It Help with Cough and Cold?

When it comes to warming up during the colder months, a hot toddy is a classic choice. But what exactly is a hot toddy?

Essentially, it's a warm cocktail made with whiskey, lemon, honey, and hot water. The warm liquid combined with the soothing ingredients provides comfort to those with cough and cold symptoms.

The hot toddy is believed to help alleviate congestion and sore throat pain, and it's a well-known remedy for coughs.

In addition to its medicinal benefits, the hot toddy is a delicious and easy-to-make cocktail that's perfect for sipping on cold winter nights.

For those looking for an alternative to whiskey, hot toddy recipes can also be made with other spirits such as rum or brandy. Explore the comforting side of whiskey with our list of the 3 best warm whiskey cocktails, featuring easy recipes to enjoy at home with seasonal flavours.

Tip: For an extra kick of flavour, try adding spices like cinnamon or cloves to your hot toddy recipe.

The Key Ingredients for a Delicious Bourbon Hot Toddy Drink

When it comes to making a perfect bourbon hot toddy drink, choosing the right ingredients is key. Of course, the star of this classic hot toddy cocktail is bourbon - choose a high-quality bourbon that you enjoy sipping on its own.

In order to give your hot toddy with bourbon the perfect flavor, it's important to include fresh lemon juice and honey as well. These ingredients provide some sweetness and tartness to offset the boozy bourbon flavour.

For the perfect warmth, be sure to add hot water to the mix. And if you want to add some depth to the flavor, consider adding spices like cinnamon or cloves to enhance the warmth of your drink.

"Bourbon, fresh lemon juice, honey, hot water - the perfect ingredients to create your cozy bourbon hot toddy drink."

Once you've got the key ingredients down, playing around with different ratios and garnishes can help you find the perfect brew for you. Impress your guests at your fall or winter party with our selection of festive whiskey bourbon cocktails. Learn how to mix these delightful drinks to elevate your gathering.

Enjoy your delicious bourbon hot toddy drink and sip away the cold with this classic hot alcoholic beverage.

How to Make a Bourbon Hot Toddy Drink In Just a Few Simple Steps

If you're looking for a comforting winter drink to warm you up on a chilly evening or to soothe a sore throat, a bourbon hot toddy drink is an excellent choice.

Follow these simple steps to make your own:

Ingredients Instructions
Bourbon In a mug, combine 2 oz of bourbon and 1 tbsp of honey.
Fresh Lemon Juice Next, add 1 oz of fresh lemon juice.
Honey Pour in 1 cup of hot water and stir until the honey has dissolved.
Spices (optional) Add a cinnamon stick or a pinch of ground cloves for extra flavor.
Sip and enjoy!

It's that easy to make a delicious bourbon hot toddy drink. Remember, you want the water to be hot but not boiling to preserve the flavours of the bourbon and lemon.

Try this recipe the next time you want a warm and cozy winter drink.

Tips for Customizing Your Bourbon Hot Toddy Drink

The classic bourbon hot toddy recipe is delicious on its own, but if you're feeling adventurous, there are many ways to experiment and make it your own. Here are a few tips for customizing your bourbon hot toddy drink:

  • Try different types of bourbon: Experiment with different brands and flavours of bourbon to find your favourite. Some are sweeter or spicier than others and can add a unique twist to your hot toddy cocktail.
  • Add a splash of juice: While the classic recipe calls for lemon juice, you can also add a splash of orange juice for a fruitier flavor or cranberry juice for a festive twist.
  • Spice things up: Add a dash of bitters or stir in some cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves for a warm and comforting winter drink. You can also use flavored syrups or honey to add a hint of sweetness and complexity.

Don't be afraid to experiment and make this bourbon hot toddy recipe your own. With endless possibilities for customization, the hot toddy cocktail is sure to warm you up and impress your guests.

Other Warm Alcoholic Beverages to Try During Winter

If you're looking for other delicious winter drinks to warm you up, I've got you covered. Try these cosy cocktails:

Spiked Hot Chocolate

Nothing screams winter like a warm cup of hot chocolate. Take your hot chocolate to the next level by adding a shot of your favorite bourbon. Top with whipped cream and marshmallows for the ultimate cosy drink.

Mulled Wine

This classic winter drink is a favorite for a reason. Combine red wine, honey, orange peel, cinnamon, and other spices for a warm and flavorful beverage that's perfect for holiday parties.

Hot Buttered Rum

If you prefer a sweeter winter drink, give hot buttered rum a try. Mix butter, brown sugar, and spices together before stirring in rum and hot water. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and enjoy.

Embrace the seasonal spirit with our guide to the best homemade bourbon eggnog recipe, a delectable liquor drink crafted with seasonal ingredients. No matter which warm cocktail you choose, these drinks are sure to keep you cozy all winter long. Cheers!


And there you have it - my go-to recipe for a delicious and comforting bourbon hot toddy drink. This warm cocktail with bourbon is the perfect way to cosy up during chilly winter nights.

Whether you're feeling under the weather or just in need of a soothing beverage, this hot toddy with bourbon is sure to hit the spot.

Remember, the key to making the best bourbon hot toddy drink is to use high-quality bourbon and fresh ingredients like lemon juice and honey.

And don't be afraid to get creative - add spices, experiment with different types of bourbon, or even try adding a splash of orange juice or bitters.

If you love warm alcoholic beverages as much as I do, consider trying other winter drink recipes like mulled wine or hot buttered rum. These cosy cocktails are perfect for holiday gatherings or relaxing by the fire.

So go ahead, mix up a batch of this delicious bourbon hot toddy drink and enjoy the warmth and comfort it brings. Cheers to good health and a happy sipping!


What is a hot toddy?

A hot toddy is a warm cocktail typically made with whiskey, lemon, honey, and hot water. It provides soothing relief for sore throat, and congestion, and overall comfort during the winter season.

What ingredients do I need to make a bourbon hot toddy drink?

To make a bourbon hot toddy drink, you'll need bourbon, fresh lemon juice, honey, hot water, and optional spices like cinnamon or cloves.

How do I make a bourbon hot toddy drink?

Start by heating water until it's hot but not boiling. In a mug, combine bourbon, fresh lemon juice, and honey. Pour the hot water into the mug and stir until the honey has dissolved. Optionally, add spices like cinnamon or cloves for extra flavour. Sip and enjoy!

Can I customize my bourbon hot toddy drink?

Absolutely! While the classic recipe is delicious on its own, you can customize your bourbon hot toddy drink by experimenting with different types of bourbon or adding a splash of orange juice or a dash of bitters for a unique twist.

Are there other warm alcoholic beverages I can try during winter?

Yes! In addition to the bourbon hot toddy drink, you can try spiked hot chocolate, mulled wine, or hot buttered rum for cosy winter drinking.

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