7 Secrets For Not Feeling Sleepy or Tired During Heavy Times

Secrets For Not Feeling Sleepy

Do the Cold Water Splash

Not got enough sleep during the night or you’ve been partying the entire night, you may wish to learn some tricks about the best way to stay awake when you’re feeling tired and exhausted.

Your tired body is screaming for sleep and it is a terrible situation to force yourself to be awake. But occasionally we have loads of important jobs to achieve and we must stay alert no matter what.


1. Take a WalkTake a Walk

Sitting on your butt will not help you stay alert. Even if you still have a great many things to do, if you are feeling tired, improve your flow by preferring a short walk.


If you can not leave the building, at least get up, go for a glass of water, then discuss news with your co-worker, walk up and down the stairs a couple of days — anything to get your body and blood running.


2. Drink Some Water

Perhaps you’re not hungry but exhausted. “Keep a reusable water bottle at your desk,” states Petrosino.

Drink Some Water

“Fill it in the morning, and you are ready to go. Oftentimes, all it requires is a nice tall glass of water to awake your senses” by the Journal of Nutrition found that even mild dehydration may lead to fatigue and difficulties in concentrating.


3. Natural sun

Natural sun is a speedy and efficient mood booster. It promotes vitamin D production and helps to

Natural sun


shield you from seasonal mood changes. This is the best secrets for not feeling sleepy.

Natural sunlight also can help keep you awake when you’re feeling tired. Just loosen yourself and allow the sun in.


4. Chew Gum

A study by the Journal of Psychology found that participants who chewed gum for 15 minutes felt more awake than those who did not chew any gum.

Chew Gum

The stimulation of your own facial muscles from ageing helps increase blood circulation to the mind.


5. Listen to upbeat music

Listen to upbeat music

Listening to music which makes you tapping your toes can allow you to feel awake in virtually no time.

6. Do the Cold Water Splash

This seems too simplistic, however, it works amazingly well. At any time you begin to feel tired, only splash some cold water on your face.

Do the Cold Water Splash

The sudden temperature change won’t just wake you up, but it is going to increase blood flow. This should enhance your general mental energy and focus levels. The best method for not feeling sleepy.

If you can, allow your wet face to air dry in the front of a fan or air conditioner to get additional effective treatment.

In case you have problems waking in the evenings a chilling splash of water will surely wake you up fast.

7. Make Wholesome Food Choices

To reduce feeling tired later on in the daytime, never miss breakfast.

Eating a light breakfast will give your mind the food it must remain awake so you are able to be effective throughout the day.

Make Wholesome Food Choices

Skipping breakfast is going to lead to low blood glucose, which will make you feel poor, exhausted, and offer you a headache too.

Opt for a fantastic breakfast which features low fat, higher protein foods. Good choices are eggs, yoghurt, cottage cheese, fresh fruit, celery, nuts, as well as smoothies.

One good example is a smoothie made with Greek yoghurt, a few strawberries, a banana, a couple of orange pieces and a little bit of honey.

Avoid eating foods that are heavy like bread and pasta.

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