Best Places to Visit in Season of March 2018 India

Places to Visit in Season of March


We have just kicked off a year ago, but travellers that were forward-thinking are planning their places_to_visit_in_marchvacations. There are many Places to Visit in Season of March.

March provides a range of travel experiences across the world, from glimpses of growing character into the celebration of Holi at Mumbai on the Galapagos Islands.

Best, however, in most areas, March is the beginning of spring season – the period between the low and high seasons of a holiday destination – meaning you will have the ability to locate a reasonable holiday regardless of your travelling style.


1. Munnar -Honeymooners place

The hill station of Munnar is found in the Idukki district of Kerala’s southwestern state. Munnar is situated at the Western Ghats range of mountains at a height of 1,600 meters above sea level.



Munnar, in its literal sense, means ‘three rivers’. As the gorgeous hill station is situated in the point of meeting of Kundaly rivers, and their Mudhirapuzha, Nallathanni the nomenclature makes sense.

Munnar is famous for its tea plantations that were widespread. Into relaxing farm walks that are the simplest way of finding Munnar tourists treat themselves.

All these tea plantations are actually the greatest tea plantations that offer everything along with the fresh air of the country. Best Places to Visit in Season of March.


2. Chembra Peak – Heart-Shaped Lake

Chembra Peak is located 290 km. This makes it a great place to get a trek in town. At 2,100 m it’s the tallest summit from the wayanad collections of Kerala.


Experience a hard and adrenaline triggered trek to the peak of the rugged Chembra Peak, situated close to the centre shaped Chembra Lake at Wayanad.

The path to the peak itself includes a brilliant view together with a heart-shaped lake, waterfalls and lush greenery the entire way.

It’s a prime place for hiking but prior to going on such treks permission has to be taken.

Guided tours are available and can assist in improving the experience.


3. Tawang

Tawang to the word is that rose-cheeked Buddhist monk babies.

Buddhist flags flying from the atmosphere across chants, ancient stores and high mountains. Tawang is located above sea level.



It’s the Dalai Lama’s birthplace and habitat for Tibetan Buddhists. Just sit in the evenings within your resort, or perhaps momos will be great!

The ideal time to see Tawang is from March to June each year, even when summertime visits to the nation to earn a tour of it. Top rated Places to Visit in Season of March.


4. Ooty

Ooty is hot all. Winters can be cold with ice. Flower shows during March and February attract tourists.


Ooty celebrates New Year with shows and fantastic excitement. The location can be seen throughout the year maintaining the heavy days in monsoon off.

Monsoon brings what’s far better compared to the hill station with green perspectives and tranquillity.

Winters would force you to like the shivers and are chilly.

The yearly Tea and Tourism Festival attracts audiences in huge quantities and the area to view which have a fantastic location.


5. Ranthambore

Ranthambore National Park holds rewards for the amateur who has an excellent chance of spotting tigers that the park is well known and wildlife enthusiast for.


That is since the creatures of Ranthamboreits inhabitants called Sundari and Machali, are by now knowledgeable about human existence and go in their manner, untouched by tourists.

So, there is a chance you will be able to find tigers lazing hiding in the undergrowth, from the lake and even hunting their prey down.

Seeing these creatures of the wild in their natural habitat is sure to be the highlight of your Ranthambore tour.


6. Coorg

Coorg is a green mountain station in Karnataka, one of the popular travel destinations of India. Annually round open to tourists, Coorg is alluring because of its all-natural beauty.


The weather is comfy and pleasant. October to March is regarded as the ideal time for seeing with this bit of heaven.

The landscape of this location is magnificent; the stretches of the mountain range coffee plantations along with the vegetations appeal a vast assortment of tourists.

Coorg conveys a climate which makes it a perfect holiday destination the year.


7. Mount Abu

Since the weather is fine during the year, Mount Abu could be seen any time of the year.


On the other hand, the ideal time to see Mt. Abu is in March, the lush greenery all around and also the most wonderful weather makes you fall in love with this location.

Another fantastic time to see Mount Abu is between March and November it is amazing out there and since the temperature is low.

Best known for the Rajasthani handicrafts available here, Mount Abu has.

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