The Most Haunted Places in India That will Give You Goosebumps

Haunted Places in India


People are still having nightmares who have visited these places. These places are still challenging for many people. The Haunted Places in India are not less.

Real or fake but to know the truth you surely need to checkout with your friends.

15. House Number W-3, New Delhi

Following the murder of an older couple in this Greater Kailash home, sellers have refused to set foot near this field.


From loud laughter, creepy whispers, and ear-piercing screams, spending a couple of minutes at this residence isn’t for the easily spooked.

14. Barog Tunnel, ShimlaBarog-Tunnel-Shimla

After breaking to finish the job of constructing Tunnel No. 33 on the

Shimla-Kalka railway, engineer Captain Barog went to depression and committed suicide.

The tunnel was finished and called after him but locals think that it is still haunted by his spirit.

13. Writer’s Building, Kolkata

Writers-Building-KolkataThe Writer’s Construction is just one of Kolkata’s more well-known landmarks, and its own history is as overflowing as it’s spooky.


It’s said revolutionaries from the construction, murdered Captain Simpson, an East India Company official.

It’s which you may hear footsteps and voices coming out of the dark, and also stated that his soul still resides here.

12. Raj Kiran Hotel, LonavalaRaj-Kiran-Hotel-Lonavala

Another favourite among seekers of the supernatural, one special room on the ground floor of the hotel is in the middle of a great deal of consideration.

Lodgers have reported their own sheets being dragged off by an invisible force, and just a beam of light in the foot of the bed.

This might be it if you are searching for an exciting escape from Mumbai.

11. Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

Kuldhara-Village-RajasthanFollowing seven years of wealth, the village of Kuldhara in Jaisalmer is thought to have been left immediately by its occupants from the 1800s, following a dispute with a royal minister.

All the remains of the thriving village are ruins… Ruins which are reported to be cursed and haunted by people who left it all those centuries ago.

10. Sanjay Van, New DelhiSanjay-Van-New-Delhi

This forested region is broadly considered Delhi’s most haunted place.

The number of reports hints at something approaching at play, even though the sightings of a lady dressed in a sari may seem cliched and fake.


09. Kalpalli Cemetery, Bengaluru

Kalpalli-Cemetery-BengaluruA cemetery may look to be an obvious selection for paranormal activity, but this one (also called St. John’s Cemetery) has seen an above average share of weird events.

Individuals revolve around spotting the soul of a man about time and passing by the reasons at night.

08. Shaniwar Wada, PuneShaniwar-Wada-Pune

Despite being just one of Pune’s most renowned landmarks, the legends across this monument are far from encouraging.

It’s stated that, on full moon nights, you could hear the screams.

In reality, some people camp outside nearby to hear soul sounds.

07. Three Kings Church, Goa

Three-Kings-Church-GoaThe picturesque church continues to be of interest to the Indian Paranormal Society for many years, after several reports of supernatural action.

Legend has it that three Portuguese kings died ago. Locals think that the region still haunts.

06. Ramoji Film City, HyderabadRamoji-Film-City-Hyderabad

The simple fact that this is among the greatest studios in India has added to the haunt behind it.

Through time, multiple incidents have happened here – everything from spotboys pushed peaks off.

The signs filed here are anything but though it may appear harmless from the exterior.

05. Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Dumas-Beach-GujaratAlthough it appears pleasant at the day, this shore near Surat is not the same after the sun goes down.

It’s whispered that come from no origin and an address to disappearances. One of the beaches that is best HauntedHaunted Places in India

Said to be home to an older burial ground, for a midnight walk just the would option to go.

04. The Savoy, MussoorieThe-Savoy-Mussoorie

This exotic resort has inspired countless creepy urban legends.

A single Lady Frances Garnett-Orme’s soul is thought to roam the halls after being found dead at a few of those chambers time.


03. Vrindavan Society, Thane

Vrindavan-Society-ThaneDespite being among Thane’s most posh residential complexes, it is a whole lot to the home society.

Following a resident committed suicide by jumping from a roof incident began taking place.

After the incident residents started feeling uncomfortable about a presence in their own homes, a shield getting hit on the face with an invisible hand and people feeling as though they’re being followed by an entity throughout the corridors.

02. The Haunted House of GP Block, MeerutThe-Haunted-House-of-GP-Block-Meerut

This abandoned bungalow was home to numerous ghost sightings through time.

Individuals have reported seeing four men in the home, sitting around a candle on a desk.

Witnesses talk of seeing a woman along with a woman dressed coming just to evaporate into thin air.

The place is really interesting for fans of the paranormal.

01. Rajasthan, Bhangarh Fort

Rajasthan-Bhangarh-FortWidely considered as India’s most haunted destination, nobody is permitted to enter the premises at night… by authorities record!

Like, the location has been recognized as creepy in an infinite level.

Said to be cursed by a sadhu from the 17th century, this isn’t a place you wanna visit.

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