People Share Their Experiences Who Came Back From Death

Experiences Who Came Back From Death

Back From Dead State

Stories of near-death experiences are different depending on the particular person who almost back from death. In specific cases, rather than cheating death, some people really died a medical death, where the heart stops but the body can still be awoken.

For a lot of men and women who almost die, passing seems as nothingness or an overpowering blackness, bringing with it a feeling of just no longer. Then, clearly, there are such men and women who watched the light, travel via glowing tunnels or locating themselves in areas.

Based on their spiritual history, others might also claim to find dreams of heaven or hell.

Death State People

Nobody understands what happens if we die – some believe in an afterlife, some believe in reincarnation and many others just think nothing occurs. You die. That is it.

One person that died for a couple minutes and then return to life happen to be sharing what they recall from “the other side” at a line that intersects.

As said by people who say they have suffered from near death experiences when you die you’re going to be reunited with your nearest and dearest and will experience a glowing light.

People who come to life describe what happens when you die.

People Back From Dead

Hypotheses and thinking can only give so much learning about the thought of death. So the perfect way to find out more about it’s to really ask people who’ve experienced near-death experiences.

Medical specialists have long discussed what occurs when someone dies, together with reliable evidence of glowing lights or senses, and movies such as Flatliners investigating the unknown.

Lots of the reports are somewhat similar, with various people claiming they met loved ones and friends who have passed out from the afterlife.

Obviously, this can only be a coincidence but most think the connections have to mean something.


1. Asinus Stultus was travelling in a tube

When I was much younger (12 years old) I died from a complete cardiac arrest. This was in a high school football (American) game. I can only recall flashes of memories out of a couple of hours before until two weeks coming after the incident.

Tube Journey


I recall a great deal of black that immediately enclosed like a shell right into a tube. The tube itself was made from metal and looked just like the tube. I really don’t think my mind can understand exactly what was happening.

The sensation was amazing though. If you don’t have seen it, then there are not any words to explain it. I believe that is because I can’t communicate the feelings for you. They’re extremely intense.

I was dead without a heartbeat to get a little more than four minutes. – Asinus Stultus


2. Lauren K was also hit by a car and likewise said she met with a grandparent who gave her a choice, describing:

I moved into a feeling of white light! It had been totally warm, pure love glancing through me and about me.

Girl Accident Road

At the instant, my grandfather, who had passed away earlier that year, appeared to me and we hugged.

My darling, you have a choice to make.

I understood the choice was supposed to remain or to return. At the moment, I had a chance to see my entire life.


3. Schneidah was thrown out of his motorcycle while driving in 50mph-

She was dead when he was taken to the hospital. As he lay in the street ahead of the ambulance came, he also remembered someone he knew inviting him.

Girl Thrown out of Car

I only remember being on the sidewalk and things gradually going black and silent.

The only real reason I did not fall asleep was due to a bizarre moment in which I heard someone yelling, ‘Ranger you up candies f***! Come on man, get up. Get up. GET UP!

Then someone was hitting my helmet.

Once I opened my eyes I found my brother sitting on the sidewalk next to me. This was strange since my brother died from an overdose many years back.

The only additional thing that I recall is him looking at his watch and saying something like They will be here shortly’ and then walking off.

I wish I could give more detail but I frankly do not recall a lot of the scene and have difficulty with my memory as a result of the crash.


4. Traspen Story From Car Hit

I died twice in an ambulance while being dragged from a bike crash. The final thing I recall was my head hitting the cover of a car at 60mph (no helmet) and then waking up at the emergency room in the hospital.

Girl Emergency Room

I was on double side ‘within an ambulance’ but it is my perception I was really dead once the ambulance came and then I died on the road to the hospital.

The interval between the crash and the hospital is nothing… I mean absolutely nothing. – Traspen


5. Baker Journey Into Galaxy

What I recall is a huge nothingness; it is difficult to explain, as we are always surrounded by something where we proceed. Suddenly within this huge blank there was a blinding pinprick of light which got bigger.

Girl Galaxy Journey

Either I was going towards it, also it was coming towards me. As it got nearer, what seemed to be one light merged into one, then a few, then countless millions of stars of all shapes, sizes, and colours, together with a lot of galaxies.

This had been the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. As I approached the centre, it looked as though I was connecting a worldwide; a person made of their ideas, feelings, and expertise of everybody and everything that had ever lived.

I am convinced it was just a hallucination caused by the injury I’d stayed a couple of days along with my heart/breathing quitting, but there is a part of me hopes that what I saw is what happens when we die. – Mysterious_Baker

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