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DR B R Ambedkar ‘Babasaheb’ Short Biography And his Revolution

Babasaheb Short Biography


Babasaheb Short Biography

Who was Dr B R Ambedkar?

Ambedkar QuotesDr B. R. Ambedkar was popularly called ‘Babasaheb Ambedkar’ and his full name was Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar.

The whole world knows that he had been among the architects of the Indian Constitution.

He was a really well-known political pioneer, a distinguished lawyer, Buddhist activist, philosopher, anthropologist, historian, orator, author, economist, scholar.

Dr Ambedkar fought to eliminate the social evils like untouchability and to the rights of the Dalits and other socially backward classes during his lifetime.


DR B R Ambedkar History

Bhimrao Ambedkar date of birth and was born is 14 April 1891 at Madhya Pradesh.

Ambedkar’s father Ramji was a Subedar from the Indian Army at Mhow cantonment, MP. Ambedkar had to face severe discriminations from each corner of this society because his parents hailed by the Hindu Mahar caste.Babasaheb Caste Discrimination

Mahar cast was seen as “untouchable” from the top class.

The discrimination and embarrassment haunted Ambedkar even in the Army college, conducted by British authorities.

Back in 1908, Ambedkar went to research in the Elphinstone College, Mumbai. Ambedkar acquired a scholarship of twenty-five rupees per month by the Gayakwad ruler of Baroda, Sayaji Rao III.


Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar All Degree List

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar (MA., Ph.D., M.Sc., D.Sc., Barrister-at-Law, L.L.D., D.Litt)

  1. Elementary Education, 1902 Satara, Maharashtra
  2. Matriculation, 1907, Elphinstone High School, Bombay Persian etc.,
  3. Inter 1909, Elphinstone College, BombayPersian and EnglishBabasaheb degree list
  4. B.A, 1913, Elphinstone College, Bombay, University of Bombay, Economics & Political Science
  5. M.A, 1915 Majoring in Economics and with Sociology, History Philosophy, Anthropology and Politics as the other subjects of study.
  6. PhD, 1917, Columbia University conferred a Degree of PhD.
  7. M.Sc, 1921 June, London School of Economics, London. Thesis – ‘Provincial Decentralization of Imperial Finance in British India’
  8. Barrister-at-Law 30-9-1920 Gray’s Inn, London Law (1922-23, Spent some time in reading economics at the University of Bonn in Germany.)BR Ambedkar Journey
  9. DSc 1923 Nov London School of Economics, London ‘The Problem of the Rupee – Its origin and its solution’ was accepted for the degree of D.Sc. (Economics).
  10. L.L.D (Honoris Causa) 5-6-1952 Columbia University, New York For HIS achievements, Leadership and authoring the constitution of India
  11. D.Litt (Honoris Causa) 12-1-1953 Osmania University, Hyderabad For HIS achievements, Leadership and writing the constitution of India



Role of DR B R Ambedkar Fighting Untouchability

Regardless of the chance given to all students to research, Bhimrao faced a great deal of discrimination in college.

They needed to sit on the ground to research, teachers wouldn’t touch their equipment, they weren’t permitted to drink water out of the general public reservoir and it shortly stuck into his head that they’ll continue being the ‘untouched’.

He had been really fond of studying and reading everything he can put his hands.

Bhimrao was constantly mocked at by instructors but he proceeded to secure higher education and graduated in Arts.

He won a scholarship for higher studies and had been sent to America. He finished his doctorate and proceeded to London to study politics and economics.

His scholarship was declared and he needed to return to Baroda. He worked as the secretary to the nation but he was frequently teased for being of those ‘Mahar’ caste.Ambedkar Speech

Hence he abandoned his job and eventually became a teacher in Sydenham College at Mumbai. In addition, he began a weekly journal, ‘Mooknayak’, with the support of the Maharaja of Kohlapur.

The diary resisted the orthodox Indian beliefs and has been a voice against discrimination.

Ambedkar managed the transformation of his own political party to the All India Scheduled Castes Federation, though it performed badly in the elections held in 1946 for the Constituent Assembly of India.Jai Bhim

Ambedkar objected to this conclusion of the Congress and Mahatma Gandhi to divine the untouchable community since Harijans.

He’d say that the members of the untouchable community would be like the other members of their society.

Ambedkar was appointed to the Defence Advisory Committee along with the Viceroy’s Executive Council as Minister for Labor.

His standing as a scholar led to his appointment as complimentary India’s first Law Minister and chairman of the committee accountable to draft a constitution for independent India.

Dr B. R. Ambedkar Recognition in Country Development

Ambedkar believed that education ought to be offered to all parts of their society. B. R. Ambedkar Open University was created by an action of Andhra Pradesh State legislature on 26th August 1982.BR Ambedkar history

Well known manager Jabbar Patel led a picture on Ambedkar’s life and teachings in English that were afterwards dubbed in Hindi, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar in Marathi other Indian languages.

Babasaheb Adoption of Buddhism

Babasaheb switched himself Buddhism after being motivated by Hammalawa Saddhatissa.

He wrote a novel ‘The Buddha and his Dhamma’.

His birthday is celebrated as a public holiday called Ambedkar Jayanti on every 14th April.

Babasaheb Ambedkar Death

Since 1954-55 Ambedkar was troubled by severe health problems such as diabetes and weak vision. On December 1956 he died at his house in Delhi.Ambedkar death

Dr Ambedkar’s name stays an indication of the success of this down-trodden and long-exploited.

Ambedkar made the seat as complimentary India’s first law minister and the chairman of the drafting committee of the Indian Constitution.

He hailed the Indian ministry in such a way as to supply Indian citizens with freedom of faith, abolish untouchability, offer rights to girls and bridge the gap between different Indian classes.

Ever since, Ambedkar embraced Buddhism as his faith, a Buddhist-style cremation was arranged for him.

The service was attended by thousands and thousands of fans, activists and admirers. Currently Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar grandson Prakash Yashwant Ambedkar is leading his legends.

Jai Bhim Jai Bharat

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