April Fool Day Origin And Some Popular Pranks For Your Friends

April Fool Day Origin

April Fools Day

April Fool Day OriginApril Fool Day Origin has been popular since the 19th century and is well-known in Europe, Australia, Canada, Brazil and the United States – despite the fact that it isn’t a national holiday in almost any nation.

It’s renowned as the day when folks play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other.

The source of this day isn’t exactly understood and historians are still not certain about the specific origins of April Fools’ Day.

It’s thought that the day has been originated from the 16th century in France and it’s Pope Gregory XII to be blamed for its pranksters’ day.Prank Day


According to the report by, the Pope created the modifications in the calendar. He dominated the calendar to begin from January 1, rather than the preceding party of the year in the end of the month of March.

Though the shifting from the yearly calendar has been studied in France, the groups in Europe, continued to study to the Julian calendar.

But people failing to enroll the usage of this new date ended up celebrating New Year in April and consequently have been indicated as ‘Fools’. This is the way a specific day for fools were created.



Based on the accounts, it’s usually considered that Pope Gregory XIII was the true guy behind April Fool Day Origin.

Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, mastered the calendar to begin from January 1, rather than the formerly party of the new year at the end of March.

The shift has been written and individuals were informed. It had been adopted by France but some peoples across Europe failed to enroll the usage of this new date and ended up celebrating their New Year on April 1 according to Julian calendar.

Consequently, people who embraced the new calendar called as fools and therefore the heritage of Fool’s Day came to light.

Some Old Historical Truth on April Fool Day –

Nobody knows precisely where if April Fool’s Day started. In 1564 France reformed its calendar, moving the beginning of the year by the end of March to January 1.

The men and women who failed to keep up with the shift, who clung to the calendar program and proceeded to celebrate the New Year throughout the week which dropped between March 25th and April 1st, had jokes played on them.Fools Day

Pranksters would covertly adhere paper fish to their own backs. The victims of the prank were known as Poisson d’Avril, or April Fish–that, to this day, is still the French expression for April Fools.

April Fool’s Day was called “All Fool’s Day”. The oldest documented association between April 1, pranks and foolishness is seen in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales that was composed in 1392.

In the USA, the pranks continue all afternoon, but in other states, they just occur until noon.

Many people today invest a great deal of time and money in making complex jokes.
April Fool’s Day isn’t an official holiday.

Some Popular Pranks on April Fool Day-

The best way to celebrate: Practices include having somebody look for items which don’t exist, playing pranks and attempting to get folks to think ridiculous things.1.

1. Phone Prank

Though lovely, this prank just operates if two iPhones are equally using iMessage.

Phone trick

Step 1: Visit this website here on your mobile phone.
Step 2: Hold your finger back on the gif and click on “save the picture.”
Step 3: Send the picture to your pals.

It will provide the illusion that you’re typing when you are not and drive folks mad. We recommend sending it following a text which states “The funniest thing just happened,” or “We really must talk.”

2. The Easy Tape Tip

As its name describes, this is actually the laziest and simplest prank on the listing. It requires absolutely no time in any way. For start pranksters only.


Step 1: Locate apparent tape or even a sticky note.
Step 2: Place it on the laser in your victim’s mouse.
Step 3: Love the frustration.

Here really is the modern-day version of slipping the ball from somebody’s mouse. It is a simple thing to work out, so don’t expect all day laughs.

3. The Ghost Mouse

You may need two wireless mouse as well as the urge to confuse a buddy.
Step 1: Alter their mouse using one which appears like it.
Step 2: Require the true mouse for your desk and cause havoc.
Step 3: Love since the confusion bites away at them.

There are two methods to do this prank. It is possible to move it around exceptionally so that they catch on instantly and you chuckle.

Or you may see them very carefully and function to manoeuvre if they move, just messing up every so slightly. It’s all up to you how long you wish to place to this specific joke.

4. Screen Tricks

This should not need to be mentioned, but do not really break somebody’s screen. There is a program for it.

Screen Trick

Step 1: Get a grip on your friend phone.
Step 2: Download the broken display program for iOS or Android.
Step 3: Inform them you accidentally dropped their phone and see the response.

You’ll need to understand their password to get the program so begin work on this well before April Fool’s Day.

The perceived loss of land could cause some unpleasant reactions, so just try this in your most tender of buddies.

5. The Frozen Desktop

This prank is remarkably simple and is certain to frustrate your own victim.
On Windows, start the Snipping Tool (open the Start menu and then find Snipping Tool), and drag the cursor to highlight your existing desktop computer.

Frozen Desktop Step 1: On Mac, press Shift + Controller + 4 to start the screenshot tool, then drag and click to highlight their desktop computer.

Step 2: Establish the screenshot as their background (By right-clicking on the background and picking Personalize from Windows or by navigating to System Preferences followed by the Desktop & Screen Saver panel from MacOS.)

Step 3: Transfer all of the icons into a folder hidden in the base of the display.
Measure 4: See your coworker fights to start the program.

The Frozen Desktop can lead to a nice quantity of frustration for minimum work on your character. For more pranks click here.

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